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Fly Fishing with Streamers
Fly fishing streamers is often over looked by fly anglers, especially trout anglers. Streamers is a category of flies fly fisherman have given to loosely mean food other than insects. Generally, being smaller fish, it could also be crayfish,...

Home gyms analyzed 3
Home gyms analyzed 3 After having seen so many home gyms I thought I would put everything together and give you the best available opinion about each. Lets now see the Bowflex home gyms. Bowflex has many home gyms, they have the --Bowflex...

Information on skydiving
The Basics   First, you will need to find a skydiving school with a good reputation.This is a fairly easy thing to do.The internet, phone book, and local airports are full of them.Next, you will need to check your pocket book.Skydiving is...

Tabata Protocol: A Fast, Effective Workout
Can you get an excellent aerobic and anaerobic workout in less than 4 minutes?... You bet you can! The Tabata Protocol was created by Dr. Izumi Tabata at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. The basic concept of...

Wenger and Mourinho at it again!
Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho's personal attacks are beginning to overshadow the game. On Saturday the showdown between Chelsea and Arsenal was a cracking game of football. Whoever you support, and I support neither, Arsenal were...

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work Great on Pool Tables

A friend of mine bought a robotic vaccum cleaner as a gag. It's actually pretty fun to watch it semi randomly roaming around the room. It seems to have about 15 different direction change sequences, which allow it to eventually cover about 98% of a small area before the battery runs out. Well, this friend has a pool table and one day when the table was looking a little shabby, we decided to try using the robotic vacuum cleaner on it. The thing did an absolutely awesome job. Fun to watch too, or did I already mention that? Well pretty soon we started seeing how good an 8 ball player the unit was. We set up a rack, and let the robot do its thing. It eventually broke the rack and proceeded to clean up the table.

While pushing balls in all over the place, it's tiny little brushes were scooping up all the ashes, dog hairs, and other detritus that accumulate on tables over time. Then it dawned on me, while this relatively cheap $150 cleaner wasn't too useful in a typical house, it was perfect for the tedious job of cleaning 10 tables at a pool hall. While you may still need a brush to get under the edges, just sweep the mess out in the middle and let your little robot take care of it. It also seems to raise the nap of the felt, so you should start out with the vacuum mode on high.

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