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You may have found the best advice regarding scuba diving.
You may have found the best advice regarding scuba diving. When you are after top-quality advice concerning scuba diving, you'll find it difficult separating quality information from reckless scuba diving proposals and guidance so it is...

Bass Fishing Facts And More

Bass fishing has a fascinating history. It started in the late 18th century and continues to progress until today.
It probably was originally practiced in search for food among the people in the south of the United States. Since then, it has started gaining numerous audiences of all ages and nations. Today, countries such as Australia, Cuba, South Africa, United States and most of Europe participate in this kind of event.
• The year 1768 or 1770 represents the birth of bass fishing sports. Onesimus Ustonson introduced his first multiplying reels to the fishing gurus and lovers. It was later developed into bait caster.
• William Shakespeare Jr. materializes the production of a level wind device and secured its patent on 1897.
• The William J. Jamison Co introduced the overly ornamented Shannon Twin Spinner in 1915 and was improved to create today’s spinner baits.
• In 1932, President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted the creation of Tennessee Valley Authority and encouraged the creation and building of numerous dams. These dams were later used for culturing different varieties of bass fishes.
• Five years later, DuPont Company filed patent for nylon fishing net, this was later developed into nylon monofilament fishing line.
• The year 1992 is one of the most glorious events in the history of bass fishing. Larry Nixon, the famous fisherman in the history of bass fishing won $1 M total earnings for this sport on this year.

Several fish species that are being caught in the bass fishing events are the following:
• Micropterus salmoides (Lacepede) - Largemouth Bass
• Micropterus dolomieui - Smallmouth bass
• Micropterus punctatus - Kentucky Bass
Other species of Micropterus are also caught but one that remains popular is the Largemouth bass. However, it should be emphasized that Australian Bass are different from the above North American Bass variants although most share similar features.
Perhaps, the most robust success of Bass Fishing was in the 1950s. The popularity of the game during this period is the springboard to the development of modern fishing equipments from bass boats, rods, lines, lures and various fishing gears.
Electronic gears were also incorporated among the host of equipments bass fishers used at that time. Reels of different types, which function in hauling and hoisting, were also created.
The contribution of bass fishing industry to the US economy records $50 to $70 Billion and the number continues to grow. Statistics show that the audience base of this sport is increasing and that more and more people are getting interested in it compared to tennis and golf.

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Travis Clemens is a life time fisherman and he knows the ins and outs of gettinem on the hook! You too can gettem on the hook with Travis as your guide!

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