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Where to Find the Most Reliable Football Results: Past and Present

It probably happens to you quite frequently. You and a friend have a disagreement about an English football game. To verify who is right, you would probably ask a few people you know, check the newspaper, or wait for your local news or some other station broadcasting sports highlights. However, if the game that is the subject of your debate took place years ago, the resources listed previously aren't the best method to obtain football results.
The Internet has become one of the most reliable resources for researchers and anyone needing information on a particular subject. There are numerous websites that provide English football scores. The problem with these websites is that they contain other information that can get in the way of you obtaining the scores that you desire. These websites are also known for adding their own biased comments. What you want are scores and records so that you can draw your own conclusions. The website is unique in that it provides only scores for the two most popular English football competitions, one being the most watched in the world. This website features scores and records for both the Football Association (FA) Cup and the League Cup.
The FA Cup is the most popular football competition for several reasons. Probably the most common reason that people enjoy the FA Cup is related to how the competition is played. Unlike championship football in the states, the FA Cup features has more than 100 teams that are paired for competition on a random basis. A team with a worse record can ultimately eliminate a team that has a top record. The

competition is referred to appropriately as a knockout competition.
The website also contains statistics for the League Cup. This competition functions similarly to the FA Cup and is also referred to as a knockout competition. The main difference in the two competitions is that fewer teams, only 92, compete for the League Cup. This competition is not as prestigious as the FA Cup, but has a wide audience nonetheless.
In addition to providing a list of Cup scores, the website also provides some of the most interesting records, such as those for the League records that include "longest unbeaten start to a season," longest sequence without a win," "record league championship," and "league championship triple runs." These records quickly provide indications of which teams have been the most productive over the years.
Although the FA Cup competition has been in existence since the 1800s, the FA Cup scores for only seasons 1949-2000 are available on the website. These are the years when the competition became the most watched sport. You can also find the record number of Cup wins on the website. The League records include scores from competitions for 1950 - 2004 seasons. Statistical information is not only valuable for verifying scores and records, but it can also be a valuable tool for analyzing a team's performance. The records indicate a particular team's weaknesses and strong points. You can easily become addicted to analyzing statistical information.
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