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Bachelorette Party Ideas That Won't Leave You In The Doghouse
Planning a bachelorette party should center around the personality of the bachelorette. Is she fun and outgoing or is she more quiet and prefer not to be in the spotlight? Also, with the traditional bachelorette party, would she be comfortable...

Historical Events And Players In Basketball
The father of basketball, Dr. James Naismith came up with the game in 1892 and the first game was played in Beaver Falls Pennsylvania on April 8 1893 between the New Brighton YMCA and the Geneva College. The game was very popular and by 1914...

Ice Hockey Apparel Is the Way To Go In Today's NHL
Ice hockey is your life, just as it is for so many other NHL fans from around the world. You couldn't care less about football, baseball or any other so called sport. Who is that Michael Jordan guy anyway? Hockey is what you are, what you live...

Life As A Cincinnati Bengal's Fan
I started to watch NFL football when I was 12 years old, it was 1992. The Cincinnati Bengal's where the local televised game for my area, this is how the loyalty began. The Bengal's fit exactly what I believed in when I was 12 years old, which was...

Zero G Sky Sailors - Alone and Aloft
Zero G Sky Sailers – Alone and Alofts Read Jetsetters Magazine at Read this entire feature FREE with photos at So what kind of ride...

Home gyms analyzed 3

Home gyms analyzed 3 After having seen so many home gyms I thought I would put everything together and give you the best available opinion about each. Lets now see the Bowflex home gyms.
Bowflex has many home gyms, they have the --Bowflex ultimate --Bowflex ultimate2 --Bowflex extreme --Bowflex extreme 2 --Bowflex sports --Bowflex motivator In the last article we analyzed the Bowflex ultimate 2 and now lets see the others. Bowflex extreme 2 The Xtreme™ 2 lets you change exercises more quickly and easily with no cable changes needed between exercises. These features let you perform over 75 exercises. 7-year warranty. The workout are required is 7' X 6' Over 70 quality different can be performed. And the best thing is No cable changes needed between exercises and stations. This is highly useful as the rest time is saved and we can concentrate on the next set and not on which cable and which pulley where to be attached. Also there are great warranties
1--No time limit power rod warranty
2--6 week fitness results guaranteed 3--7 year limited warranty For more information on warranty and see the pictures visit

Finally read all the online reviews available at the consumer reviews sites. You may find different comments about same home gym from different people. When confused always ask for a long-term warranty. Recently displayed reviews from customers who were utterly unhappy with the home gyms they bought but at the other end of the spectrum there were happy faces yelling the great home gyms.
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