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BMI, the NFL and You
At the end August 2005, Thomas Herrion, a lineman for the San Francisco 49ers died after a preseason NFL football game. He was 23 years old and 330 pounds. His Body Mass Index (normally below 30 or so for athletes) was 41. He was morbidly obese....

Kansas City Chief, Christian Okoye, to appear in Topeka, KS
Former Kansas City Chiefs All Pro running back, Christian Okoye, will make a personal appearance for autograph signing at the West Ridge Mall in Topeka, KS on October 23rd 2004 from 11am to 2.00pm. Okoye, AKA "The Nigerian Nightmare" played many...

Mind of the Fitness
Meditation, an exercise recommended for everyone, but especially those of us with hectic, stressful lifestyles, is defined as an engagement in contemplation, especially of a spiritual or devotional nature. Meditation has been shown to relieve...

Mountain Croquet
Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to impress your date and to have a good time? Then get a croquet set and teach them to play. I recently taught a girl to play croquet . At first I thought that she thought I was nerd and that I was...

Royal Links Golf Club Las Vegas
Missed your invitation to play in the British Open? Not to worry, you can play 18 of the best holes of the Open rotation courses right here in Las Vegas at Royal Links. Royal Links Golf Club was created to honor the rich tradition and...

Follow the English Premiership through your wrist watch

A unique watch, developed by a Hong Kong based entrepreneur, enables the owner to view all fixtures and keep a record of the results of up to any three of their favourite teams in the English Premiership Football League is now on the market.

The watch, which comes in three colours, black, blue and red, is the brainchild of Robert Cave, Managing Director of Spfx Sports Watches (International) Ltd.

“At a business lunch with a friend three years ago, I said, wouldn’t be great if I could instantly know whom my favourite football teams are playing and the idea of a watch having this capability was born,” Robert Cave said.

“It has been quite a journey and it has resulted in the development of what is the first watch to read and download information direct from the Internet,” he


The watch costs £99 and can be purchased through and

It comes with an electronic key which enables fixtures to be downloaded from the official website.

Up to three teams can be tracked and apart from detailing fixtures and allowing results to be tabulated, it also displays the time in 20 different time zones.

Incredibly, when purchasing a watch, a buyer has the option to enter a lucky draw, drawn after the sale of the first 10,000 watches for US$250,000 worth of diamonds, or a rolling draw, made after the sale of batches of 150 watches, to win a five day trip to the UK and VIP treatment at a Premier League match.

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