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Even light exercise is good for you, so don't get discouraged!

When starting out exercising it is crucial that you enjoy what you are doing, so pick an activity that you like - walking, cycling, or sport for example, to get started, and worry about what the best exercise is later.

The worst mistake you can make when starting out exercising is to pick a routine that is more work than you can handle.
Of course you will be excited starting off, and sometimes this will make people pick a very hard, intensive, exercise regime. Often this program won't include any activites they enjoy.

The result is that they burn out quickly and quit exercising altogether because they can't keep up their chosen exercise routine.

You should avoid taking this path at all costs, the best exercise to start with is a light exercise you enjoy. Even if this is only going for a walk then make a habit of having a walk. Many studies have shown that even people who get an hour or so of very light exercise each week end up fitter than those who get no exercise.

Obviously once you get settled into doing some exercise you'll want to begin to step up your routine. A good example is if you like cycling then go for a short cycle ride every second evening, after a while you will notice you can cycle for longer without getting tired - this is your fitness increasing. So when you reach this stage you might want to try cycling further or maybe cycling more frequently.

If you've already started exercising and you feel like you're in a pretty good routine, then you should think about increasing the amount or difficulty of exercise that you're doing. For instance, if you're finding the time to go on a

short walk three times a week, then you should think about increasing that number to four or five times.

You can also change the type of exercise that you're doing if you're getting used to it. In fact, this is recommended if you're starting to get used to whatever exercise you're doing. After all, if you get used to it and it becomes boring, you might not want to continue.

A total body workout will exercise all the major muscle groups in your body. It is really the most effective workout you can get. To avail yourself of a workout like this, you could purchase a combination exercise machine for your home so you can exercise there. Alternatively you could join your local gym.

Don't allow yourself to get discouraged; you won't always be in the mood to exercise. If you don't feel like exercising, then just take that day off. There is no harm in missing a day's exercise here and there, in fact it can help you prevent become burned out. Just try to ensure the day off doesn't become a permanent break.

Even if you find yourself not exercising anymore always remember that all is not lost! You can still go back to your old routine, or start a new one at whatever level you want, it is never too late to exercise. So no matter what level of fitness or level of exercise you are at, remember that few activities are as rewarding as exercise> Good luck!

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