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Correlated NFL Parlays For Next Weekend

In general, it is not wise for sports bettors to bet parlays. They generally pay less than playing the games separately. If two games are played at -110, the payout with 2 wins is greater than a parlay paying 2.6 to one.

But, there is one time when parlays are good. This is when they are correlated. Parlays can be correlated for many reasons - A big spread and an under, a first and second half, one games outcome effecting the meaning of another, etc.

Based on the playoff scenarios, next weekend, there are a number of parlays that should be played. In all cases, after the first game, a team in the second game will know it either has a chance to make the playoffs (Hence playing that team) or no longer has any chance (Hence playing the other team)

These are all very highly correlated.

ML stand for money line.

Weakest of the bunch:

Denver ML and KC ML

Denver ML and KC - points if available

The rest:

SD ML and Cinci ML

SD ML and Cinci + pts if avail

SD ML and Detroit


SD ML and Detroit +17


Was ML + STL +12.5


Car ML + STL +12.5

Car ML + Was ML + STL ML

Car ML + Was ML + STL +12.5

Phil ML + Dal ML


Phil ML + Dal -12.5

ATL ML + Dal -12.5

Oak ML + NO ML + Dal ML

Oak ML + NO ML + Dal -12.5


NYG ML + NO +14

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