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Why Working-Out is Crucial When You Work from Home

When working from home you will find yourself often "tied" to a desk, sitting on your "rump" for hours at a time. Not the most physical activity I'd say.

In order to make certain that you always maintain a peek level of productivity, it's vital that you get some sort of exercise. It's so important in order to stay focused and moreover, just to maintain a good level of physical fitness.

Remember this is YOUR business, there are NO sick days allowed. Now more than ever, it's vital that you get pro-active about your health. Your business and YOUR family depend on it!

Soooo you know what to do...u gotta EXERCISE!!!

I make my workout part of my work schedule. Despite what the ads portray, we all know that working out is NOT fun. If you associate it with recreation or a fun activity, you will learn to hate it because working out is definitely NOT fun!

I get SO ANNOYED when I see commercials on TV with people working out and smiling and laughing, just having a grand 'ol time. For God sake, they don't even sweat!!! Man who u foolin'...WORKING OUT SUCKS!!

I HATE the thought of working out, but I aboslutely LOVE having worked out. And that my friends is the KEY.

The ends justifes the desire. I look at the results and that is what solely drives me to keep on doing it. Now it's actually gotten to the point where I "like" doing

certain exercises. However, I still can't stand the "thought" of having to work-out.

Because I hate thinking about it, I've made it part of my work schedule so that I don't think about doing it. It's just a regularly scheduled work task that I must do, just like all other work tasks. I actually have it programmed into my Outlook to remind me EVERYDAY!

Now everyone has their own idea of what exercise, or exercise program, works best for them. Some people go for walks, others jog and others go to the gym. But I work out in the comfort of my living room and I suggest, as a work-at-home pro, you do the same.

When operating a home-based business, your time is everything. Working out from home saves you loads of time, by not having to pack-up and get out of the house, drive to a gym, wait your turn for apparatus, shower, change clothes, etc. It just makes sense for people who work-at-home.

Read about the at-home exercise program I used to lose 25lbs.

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