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Week 17 Predictions
Denver 17 @ San Diego 31 Neither team is playing for anything. San Diego, after last week lost is eliminated from playoff contention, while Denver is locked into the number two seed in the AFC. So Denver won’t play its starters, while San Diego...

When Should You Hang Up Your Betting Boots for the Day?
• Quit as soon as you are in front for the day? • Set a stop loss and quit betting for the day if you reach that point? • Set a profit target and quit as soon as you reach that goal? • If your first few bets lose, then you should quit...

What is the Cost of Winning?

I have lived in Massachusetts on whole life. I grew up watching Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parrish. I watched the Red Sox lose the 86 World Series, and the Patriots lose 2 Super Bowls, before finally becoming a winning franchise. I am a huge Red Sox fan and I watch the Patriots but overall sports leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
It sickens me to see athletes cry and wine about not being treated with respect because someone only offered them $12 million a year instead of $15 million. (Nomar Garciapara How much is he making next year?) Manny Ramirez makes $20 million a year and wants to be traded because he has no privacy. The list of whines goes on and on all over sports. In my opinion, the most disgusting complaints as of late come from the New Orleans Saints football team. They are being treated unfairly because they have no home field. Getting paid millions of dollars is not being treated fairly because you have no home field. How about the people with no HOME? I wish someone would treat me as unfairly as these athletes are treated.
Then you get to listen to the owners complain about the large contracts and that they are losing money. First of all, you are a billionaire for a reason, you did something right. Don’t try and lie to people and say you are now losing money. Nobody believes it. If you were losing

money you’d sell.
These same owners that complain about losing money raise our ticket prices every year. Maybe this is just a Boston thing, maybe it doesn’t happen everywhere. Once you are at the game you pay $7 for a small cup of beer. A study was done in the Boston area and for a family of four it will cost them between $200-$250 to attend a Red Sox game, just for ordinary seats. Parking is now $25-$30 depending on the parking lot. I wish that just once year everybody would boycott going to professional sporting events. We need to give the owners and players a taste of reality.
Most of my articles have a theme to them, a theme of getting value for your money. Money is so hard to come by for the average American family and in order to get ahead, and actually save some money, you need to get value for the money. This does not always mean being cheap, just being smart. I do not feel spending $250 on attending a sporting event to watch a bunch of millionaires playing a game is value.

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