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Week 17 Prediction

Denver 17 @ San Diego 31

Neither team is playing for anything. San Diego, after last week lost is eliminated from playoff contention, while Denver is locked into the number two seed in the AFC. So Denver won't play its starters, while San Diego will. Look for San Diego to easily take this game.

NY Giants 35 @ Oakland 13

This is a must win for the Giants. They need this to secure the division title. Look for Ely Mannining to have a great day against the mediocre Oakland defense. Oakland hasn't played good ball at all this year, so this one should be over early.

Carolina 27 @ Atlanta 10

Don't look for Atlanta to do anything on offense. Mike Vick has had a horrible year passing. When the two team met in week 13, Atlanta was held to just 6 points and Vick threw for just 171 yards, zero TDs, and two INTs. Really, Atlanta has no chance. Steve Smith will grab a few TDs.

Baltimore 10 @ Cleveland 13

Not going to be a fun game to watch. Two teams playing in a meaningless game. I think Cleveland will rebound after getting killed 41-0 in week 16 against the Pittsburg. Look for this game to be close, perhaps overtime.

Arizona 17 @ Indianapolis 34

Manning, Harrison, James, Wayne, and Freeny don't even have to play a snap for Indianapolis to smoke Arizona. How many of you can actually name 5 players on Arizona's team. Let's see Kurt Warner, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Shipp . . . I can't even do it and I'm a sports writer. Manning should play a couple of series and then Sorgi will come in who looked pretty good last week against Seattle.

Cincinnati 31 @ Kansas City 34

Expect a lot of offense in this game, although Kansas City will win. I believe this is a match up of a team that is not as good as their records (Cincinnati 11-4) and a team better then their record (Kansas City 9-6). This game means every thing fro Kansas City. They need to win just for a shot at the playoffs. (They would need Detroit to beat Pittsburgh in addition to the victory)

Miami 23 @ New England 24

Watch out, Miami has won five in a row and now have an 8-7 record. Imagine if they were in the NFC they be in the playoff hunt. This is a match up of two of the hottest team, look the for an Adam Vinatieri field goal to be the game winner. Ricky Williams had 172 rushing yards last week; watch out for them next year.

Buffalo 21 @ NY Jets 10

Buffalo is coming of an amazing upset win in Cincinnati, do why can't they do it in New York. No Curtis Martin, where do the jets go on


Detroit 10 @ Pittsburgh 31

I sure this is bad news for Kansas City fans, but the bus, Jerome Bettis will run all over Detroit. This game has huge playoff implication, so Detroit will look to play the role of spoiler. However, it took a last second field goal, at home, against the lonely Saints to win last week, so Kansas City will go home.

New Orleans 6 @ Tampa Bay 34

At the begging of the year, New Orleans main players were McAllister, Brooks, and Horn. None of the three have done anything this year. Tampa Bay will have their way with the New Orleans defense, whose only practice field is on a high school football field.

Seattle 20 @ Green Bay 28

Something tells me Brett Favre will get his magic back this game, because it could be his last. In the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, against his former coach Favre will have his best game of the season. Oh yeah, this game means nothing to Seattle who will bench their starters.

Tennessee 13 @ Jacksonville 27

It looks like Leftwich will return for a playoff tune-up, although his action will be limited. Not much you can say. Jacksonville is just a better team. The defense won't allow anything to Tennessee.

Houston 21 @ San Francisco 10

Come on Alex Smith, you still haven't thrown one TD, which is hard to believe when you consider LT has thrown three and he's a RB. Houston doesn't really want to win. Houston has two wins and San Fran has three wins, so if Houston looses they get 1st pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. If San Francisco looses, they will have an equal record which means it will come down to the tie-breaker.

Chicago 17 @ Minnesota 10

This game means nothing to either team. Minnesota blundered a golden opportunity by loosing to Baltimore last Sunday Night so look for Chicago's to stop Brad Johnson, and Chicago's offense to score just enough.

Washington 30 @ Philadelphia 14

Washington has been playing great lately, winning five straight. This season, well literally could not have gone any worse for Philadelphia. Santana Moss will catch a few bombs and Washington will pack their bags for the playoffs.

St. Louis 13 @ Dallas 24

The last game of the regular season, and it should be an easy win for the Cowboys who are rolling after last weeks win. Terry Glenn has been reborn this year and put up amazing numbers. The Rams still don't have Bulger so their offense won't do much.

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