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The Perfect Indoor Exercising Machine- What is it?

"You are looking a little more hunched....and you look funny with a belly!" These were the words from my closest friend when she came visiting. Not that we had not met for ages, but rather living alone and without too much care for the food I took daily had ensured I had gone somewhat lazy, and had neglected to take care of my physical self.

Hair unkempt and long, with a belly and a little hunch - all these made me looked older than my age. And of course, a deterioration of the physical side and probably my health. When has it been that a belly is associated with good health? God forbid, I had better start an exercise regime to get back into shape, and salvage my health.

But what should I do?

Well, my commonsense tells me I should be putting myself to some workout at home, and start to exercise somewhat.

Should I get a exercise workbench, or start to pump some irons? Should I join the masses of people who run around the Lake nearby at the break of dawn or go climb the hills nearby and walk through the woods nearing sunset?

What is the best form of exercise for a home bound man and needing some results fast?

My best friend chipped in. She said, " Go get a Treadmill!".

Consider these benefits:

1. The treadmill is unsurpassed for a cardiovascular


2. It works the large muscles in your body.

3. You get the maximum burn of your calories with a treadmill.

4. Whether you are a casual walker or a serious runner, a treadmill can accommodate your exercise needs.

5. A treadmill can guarantee a consistent workout in all seasons.

6. Higher end treadmills offer surfaces that absorb impact and reduce pressure. Injuries are less common and stress is reduced on those critical joints.

7. You can engage in simulations such as walking uphill, speed training etc as treadmills become more sophisticated and offers versatility of the workout by a variety of preprogrammed computerized exercises.

I looked at my best friend, and there she was - looking youthful for her age, a slender body that could attract anyone, fit and in the best of health.

Her secret? She uses a treadmill everyday!

Now that I know, I am out to select a treadmill.

About the author:

Peter Lim is a Certified Financial Planner. To get backs into shape, he has done intensive research into treadmills and has put his results into the web site "The Proform Treadmill Guide" .He also maintains a website "World of Recreational and Popular Sports" at

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