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The Cobra Tandem Kayak - A Review

The Cobra tandem kayak offers unmatched flexibility. It allows you to use it with another person for whatever your adventure is.

Tandem has built various kayak models but none of them can compete with the Cobra Tandem kayak. This kayak is one of the best currently on the market, certainly one of the most stable! Whatever the reason is that you are buying a kayak, the Cobra Tandem will be perfect for you. It is suitable for all your recreational adventures.

The Cobra Tandem is among the lightest kayaks available. It is lighter that any other in the tandem collection, weighing a mere 57 pounds. Weight is an important factor in selecting a kayak. Heavier kayaks are often harder to maneuver than lighter ones. Also, a lightweight kayak is easier to transport and load onto the roof of your vehicle. Easier travel makes it more likely that you will want to go places with your kayak.

The Cobra is made with a front and a rear seat, with room in the middle for another seat. You might find it useful to invest proper seating rather than the seating supplied as it is a bit basic. It is designed to let you socialize while you

paddle. This aspect makes your kayak experience so much more enjoyable and comfortable.

With plenty of underdeck storage room for cargo and accessories, your kayak can give you an enjoyable day trip! The Cobra tandem is among the few kayaks that can go on flat water, on the ocean and can be used for surf kayaking. You can have a large amount of fun time in the Cobra tandem. It is perfect for anybody!

If you have been looking for the best kayak, look no more. The Cobra tandem is absolutely perfect regardless of what your plans for it are. The Cobra is not expensive. Even though it seats three people, it is lightweight! You won't find a better kayak. With a name like tandem on to it, it must be good! You will risk nothing with this kayak; you will fall in love with it at first sight!

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