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The Beginners Game of Golf

A professional should give beginner golf swing instruction. In this way, you will learn to correct way to grip your clubs, stand, and swing. They will concentrate on the three fundamentals grip, stance, and posture so you will have the basic foundation to play the game.
Free golf tips for beginners can be found from any person wandering around on the driving range or golf course, but you will want to take these with a grain of salt. Free golf tips can be found on the internet also. They will have sections for tips on driving the golf ball and putting.
The best place to practice your driving and putting is at a driving range or par-3 golf course. This will give you a less stressed place to learn your fundamentals. When you are more comfortable with your technique and your game then you may want to try a 18 hole

The belly putter technique uses a two-gripped longer shafted putter, which rests against your belly and is swung in a smooth motion. This technique is great for golfers who have problems keeping their pivots steady. Your pivot point includes your elbows, shoulders, and head. This enables the player to have a smooth and even tempo stroke.
Beginners should take the time to research the game and learn the rules of golf etiquette. The game of golf is a challenging game, but with a little learning and practice, you will want to play more and more!

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