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From backgammon to the 3,000 year old Royal Game of Ur., from Oriental kite contests to the universal tit-tat-toe and baseball, games have been, and are played throughout every culture and society known to man. Where is the line drawn...

Online Golf Program Features and Benefits
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The Physics of Croquet
“Your mother is so lacking in poise, she can't even play croquet in heels!”—Albert Einstein. A croquet set consists of a wooden mallet, some wire wickets, and some heavy balls, each differing in color. Croquet, originally a social game for ladies...

Universal kitesurfing hand signals
Even though kitesurfing is a dangerous sport, it is popular around the world. People from different countries travel around the world to different kitesurfing locations. That is the reason why universal kitesurfing hand signals are very important....

Online bookings for sports clubs

Milton Keynes, UK, 16 May 2005 - ABSOLUTE MICROS, ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF THE NEW WEB-BASED ONLINE BOOKINGS SOLUTION IN-ZONE, which centralises and automates facility bookings for the Leisure Industry. Any number of courts, group classes or facilities can be set up instantly and linked to any website.

This remotely hosted application from Absolute Micros offers the leisure industry, private clubs and memberships the opportunity to increase bookings which in turn increases facility usage and generates revenue for clubs.

In-Zone offers memberships 24/7 booking or cancellation access to their facilities, allowing members to check availability and book at a time convenient to them. The benefits include reduced queues at busy club reception desks and higher member retention. All bookings and cancellations are made ‘real time’ so members and club staff can see current availability.

Martin Smith, MD of Absolute Micros estimates that facility uptake could easily increase by 50% in the first 6 months of using In-Zone. “Combine this

with increased footfall, and providing an on-site terminal for your members to make their next booking while in the club, and you’ll increase revenue and free up staff in one hit”.

The easy to use software requires no installation, little technical expertise to set up and no staff training. In-Zone has been designed to be an intuitive application that can be customized to fit the look and feel of any corporate website.

In-Zone includes detailed reports on facility usage and provides clubs with plenty of back office statistics all in an easy to digest format. Clubs can find out which facilities are the most popular by time slot, day, month or which time slots are most used and which bring in the most revenue.

In-Zone is an off the shelf, pay as you go, fully customizable application with instant online set up.

To learn more about In-Zone booking software visit

About the Author
Liz Toone is marketing manager for Absolute Micros a UK based IT software solutions provider since 1996.

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