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New Golf Tip - How Mind-Movies Will Improve Your Golf Quickly

If you want a golf tip that will improve your game nothing will get you on the right track more quickly than well formulated Mind-Movies.

The good news is that you can at last get really first class guidance on how to develop effective Mind-Movies which will give you a really consistent, powerful and accurate golf swing.

A great deal is written about visualization in sport. A lot of it seems to center around the idea that what the sports person should do is visualize the result they wish to attain.

I do NOT agree with this.

I agree that it is a good idea to have objectives and
targets and to visualize those objectives, but that it NOT the most powerful way to use visualization in sport, or indeed in any other area of your life.

In any aspect of our lives objectives only serve as a destination for your efforts. So it helps to visualize your golf ball nestling near the hole. But what gets you to that destination is the effort that you make and the quality of that effort. It is the quality of your golf swing that gets your ball close to the hole.

The real power of this golf tip is in its ability to guide your effort. Good visualization provides a guide line or template for the body movements necessary to a good golf swing.

Once you know what you’re doing you can create and produce a Mind-Movie of your golf swing in a matter of minutes. And you can make that swing as

powerful, accurate and elegant as you want.

The other great beauty of Mind-Movies is that they give you the ability to constantly hone and improve the images which are guiding your body and thus your swing. So you can get better and better as you rehearse your swing more and more in your mind.
And, because no-one else knows that you’re working on your golf swing you can practice in your mind anywhere you like and as often as you like.

The trick is to learn how to write, direct and produce a good Mind-Movie which will guide your swing so that it becomes a powerful, reliable method of propelling your golf ball accurately to any target you choose.

Whether you are new to golf or an old hand The Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack is a golf tip which will almost certainly improve your game in next to no time.

The fact that the beta trial version of The Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack sold out in just 19 hours bears strong testimony to the revolutionary effect that Mind-Movies are having on the games of many golfers.

About the author:
David Ferrers researches and broadcasts quick and easy-to-use golf tips to help golfers play consistently well. Find out how at Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack can improve your game.

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