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Ice Hockey History and the NHL

Even though the history of ice hockey began earlier than 1917, many people say that this was the year when the modern hockey history began.

You probably already new this, but 1917 was the year when the first historical game of the National Hockey League was played. In the spring the year after Toronto had become the first ever Stanley Cup champions.

Since I love the National Hockey League so much, it would actually take a full 500+ pages book to tell you all of NHLís history. This league has been through so much and it always gives me the chill when I think about it.

Just consider this, with the 2004-2005 season fresh in memory; the 1919 Stanley Cup was canceled due to influenza! This makes 2005 the first year without a Stanley Cup champion since 1919.

Over the history of the National Hockey League we have also seen the big Hockey Hall

of Fame in Toronto being built. Not without controversies though.

Personally I donít think that any other sport has so many true heroes as the NHL. What a great history and they are all in the Hall for us to see and admire.

What about highlights on the ice though?

Well, since Iím not that old I got to say that Wayne Gretzky and the 1980ís Edmonton Oilers had the greatest era in ice hockey history.

I actually feel sorry for the young hockey kids of today. Not to have seen Gretzky play isnít anything I would have liked to experience.

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