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At one time you could only buy cycling equipment at your local cycle shop, if they had what you wanted or you had to hope they could order it and then you would have to wait for it to come and hope it was the right size, colour or price. Then...

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U.S.A Olympic Athletes Set to Beat the Heat in Athens

U.S.A athletes at Olympics to use cooling vests to beat the hot Athens sun, and gain an edge on the competition. August 4, 2004 -- The Athens Summer Olympics is set to be the hottest on record...

How to choose your wakeboard rope.

A stiffer wakeboard rope is required for wakeboarding than for waterskiing. To help you to perform tricks you get more air when you use a tighter stiffer rope that does not stretch. You will be better able to pull yourself through flips and spins.

There are a number of types of wakeboard ropes, so, when shopping make sure to keep your specific needs in mind.

No stretch ropes use a material called Spectra in their construction. The Spectra rope has almost no elastic properties and is very strong. The stretch, when under load is less than half a percent.

Low-stretch generally stretches one percent in length under a normal wakeboarding load. These ropes are for the most part made of polyethylene or some blend of it. If wakeboarding is your primary interest, learning tricks and honing your skills, a stiffer rope is the best choice.

If you do both wakeboarding and waterskiing on a recreational basis a low-stretch rope will work well for you. It will have enough stretch for water skiing and enough stiffness to pull against when wakeboarding.

Wakeboard ropes come in various lengths but average between sixty to seventy feet. There are wakeboard ropes

of one piece with no length adjustment and some that offer multiple adjustment loops.

The handles for wakeboarding tend to be more specialized so that making aerial maneuvers or doing tricks become easier. Wakeboard handles generally have a wider grip, thirteen to fifteen inches as compared to the eleven to thirteen inches usual for waterski handles. It is much easier to pass the wider handle behind your back when performing tricks of that nature.

Most wakeboard handles have a rope braid or a second, smaller handle grip built into the rope. Having another grip to hold on to gives the rider a stronger hold. Wakeboard handles usually have neoprene foam floats so they stay on top of the water.

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