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Golfers Paradise

Golf Heaven on earth: Cap Cana, the world’s next great destination.

What we are interested in here is some of the hottest golfing action under the sun…

Golf Heaven on earth: Cap Cana, the world’s next great destination.

Cap Cana, in the Dominican Republic, is being marketed as the world’s next great investment opportunity and is arguably the most exciting resort project Latin America has ever seen. ( Jack Nicklaus and Elvis Preston King will be there. 

The Dominican Republic is a tropical island of stark contrasts that defy easy categorization. Rugged mountain peaks are capped by misty clouds, while deep verdant valleys carve a prehistoric maze through interior alluvial plains. Hundreds of miles of golden-and white-sand beaches rim both the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts, fronting light turquoise, emerald, and cobalt-blue seas. Those beaches are back-dropped by acres upon acres of lush palm tree forests running from sea to sea, hence the nickname: The Coconut Coast. Lastly, an intoxicating array of culturally important communities are draped in colonial charm, reflective of the Dominican Republic’s historical levity.
The $500 million master plan for 30,000 acres of ocean-front land 10 minutes from an international airport includes:-

• Three Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses

• The largest marina and one of the finest white sand beaches in the world

• Beach, yacht, equestrian, golf and country clubs

• Elegant boutiques and restaurants

• A world-class spa

• Tennis and swimming facilities

• Deep sea fishing

• Polo grounds

• A casino

• 5,000-person amphitheatre

• A private hospital

The first nine holes of the initial golf course are ready in April and many of the other facilities are coming on line this year.

At the heart of Cap Cana is its inland marina, the largest in the Caribbean and the starting point for diving, deep-sea fishing and sailing adventures.

Located on major maritime routes the marina will eventually accommodate more than 1,000 vessels up to 150ft.

As part of a commitment to ecologically responsible development, much of the resort will be car-free, with internal transport by golf buggy.

A broad range of homes, from sophisticated town houses and apartments to private villas on the grand scale, are being sold.

Two and three bedroom penthouse apartments within the Marina element of the resort, for example, will cost between $349,000 and $560,000. 

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