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"Going The Distance In A Triathlon "

For triathletes and the distance in a triathlon can be very difficult.
The competion in the sport of choice is much like completing in three separate--and grueling--exhibitions of skill, endurance, and speed.
Each athlete must cover distance in a triathlon by running, riding a bike, and swimming.
During this competition, triathletes race against each other and the clock.
These events take place back to back, allowing athletes only a 'quick' transition to change their uniforms or put on their shoes, but certainly not catch their breath.
This sport is not for the weak of heart, spirit, or mind.
The intense training and stamina that requires an individual to go the distance in a triathlon is mind blowing.
If you are interested in competing in a triathlon, you must make a commitment to yourself and the sport.
Again, this sport is certainly not for the fair weather athlete.
Different Distance in a Triathlon
There are several different types of distance in a triathlon that use a variable distance

An Olympic triathlon requires a 1.5 kilometer swim, a 40 kilometer bike race, and a 10 kilometer run.
An Ironman triathlon consists of a 3.8 kilometer swim, 180 kilometer bike race, and 42 kilometer run. In between are a number of other competitions that vary with distances but have the same general format.
There also shorter ones than the Olympic triathlons and longer ones than the Ironmans and many in between those two.
Whether you decide to compete in an Olympic triathlon or want to go all the way and work towards finishing an Ironman triathlon, make a commitment.
Commit to training and completing a competition of various distances .
Work on each individual skill and focus on your weaknesses. Completing a triathlon on any length is a major achievement that few individuals successfully accomplish.

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