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Ice Hockey History and the NHL
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Football, Professionalism, and T.O.

Professionalism is the professional status, methods, character, or standards one must possess to be considered professional. Professionalism is something that Terrell Owens lacks. Owens is a lonely, yet, ignorant human being. He makes a bank-load of money yet lives alone in New Jersey. Not inviting family or friends to live with him and take advantage of his ability to give something back to those who care about him is ignorant, and must be humiliating to the Owens family in Alabama. It is obvious his greed, selfishness, and hostility towards others has worn off onto his family because one single family member has yet to speak up on Owens behalf, except for his man-lover, Michael Irvin.
The Philadelphia Eagles organization showed extreme patience in the dealings with Owens. They gave him more 'breaks' than a Kit-Kat factory. Donovan McNabb showed class and behaved like a man throughout this turmoil. McNabb even gave Owens an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl, something no team will ever give Owens again. People say McNabb was better with Owens, just look at the stats. Well, keep looking at the stats. Owens was never better with Steve Young or Jeff Garcia. His best numbers came when he was catching passes from Donovan McNabb. Owens is the epitome of an 'I' player in a team sport. It looks like karma finally caught up with him.
Michael Irvin has been attempting to polish Owens image up since his trouble began. In my opinion, Irvin must have man-love for Owens. Tom Jackson and Ron Jaworski should punch Michael Irvin in the face every time Irvin sticks up for Owens. Irvin is trying to get his

reputation put in a higher place and get more votes for the Hall of Fame, something he clearly does not deserve. I will guarantee one thing... if Irvin played on the same team as Terrell Owens, he would hate him, not stick up for him.
Pac-Man Jones supposedly got in a pushing match with some Cleveland Brown personnel. Is Pac-Man the new T.O.? God, let's hope not... let's forget all this crap and just watch football. I wanna be able to sit down in my chair on Sunday's and watch Carson Palmer hook up for a touchdown pass with a guy who's name sounds like you sneezed a snock rocket... Houshmandzadeh. I wanna be able to sit down and watch McNabb throw on target to a rookie with unlimited potential, Reggie Brown. I wanna be abe to sit down and watch the Patriots struggle. I wanna be able to sit down and watch a drag-it-out slug-fest between the Browns and Ravens during a snow-storm in the middle of November. That's what football is about. Professionalism is when Peyton Manning doesn't celebrate his 49th touchdown pass of the 2004 season and instead calls in the troops and gets a quick two-point conversion. Professionalism is Andy Reid, Tony Dungy, Bill Cowher, Bill Belichick, Marvin Lewis, Lovie Smith, and Mike Holmgren, not Terrell Owens.

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