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Diving in the Ustica Islands

Although it is not commonly known as a diving destination, Sicily, in Italy, does offer a great diving area which is the Ustica Islands. The Ustica Islands is a very beautiful area for divers to visit, since they could not only practice their sport and meet incredible underwater sceneries but also enjoy a very relaxing environment and have a great vacation.

The Mediterranean area that surrounds Sicily and the Ustica Islands offers very clear and warm waters which can be compared to those founded at tropical areas. These waters provide a great environment for divers to explore and meet the sea life and formations it contains.

The main Ustica Islands are two, Ustica and Linosa. Ustica and Linosa are volcanic islands and offer several great diving spots of different types which attract visitors of all expertise levels and preferences. It is most likely every diver who visits the islands will find a diving spot suitable for him and which will completely fulfill his expectations.

Linosa Island allows visitors to relax and enjoy of an amazing environment, not only while being into the water but also on the island's surface as

well. Besides this, this island is known to be one of the less contaminated areas of the Mediterranean Sea, providing a very natural and clean environment to all those who may visit it.

Ustica Island is world wide known due to the amazing marine life its waters contain. Ustica's Natural Marine Reserve attracts visitors who wish to meet and observe some of the most amazing marine life species of the world. Divers who go to this island are able to dive into very clear and warm waters which are a great environment in which to enjoy the great variety of sea life it contains.

Besides Ustica and Linosa, this Sicilian area has many other islands in which divers can find a wide variety of spots to visit. Among the spots divers might find at this area there are several walls, wrecks, reefs and rock formations of different types. Along with these formations, all these spots contain beautiful marine life species and formations which can be enjoyed while diving or even while snorkeling at some points.

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