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Diving in the exotic environment of Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a Brazilian island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which divers from all points of the world wish to meet. It offers not only great diving opportunities but also a very impressing and exotic natural environment. If you wish to visit this area when its natural aspect is the brightest, you should do so between March and July, during the time of the heaviest rains in which its green areas are at the brightest point.

Although those who come to the island with the purpose of diving might find most of their time something to do, those who may wish to mix some other activities might be able to do it as well. Divers who come to Fernando de Noronha might find many other things to do besides diving, for example meeting historic places. In addition to its natural attractions, Fernando de Noronha also offers very interesting historic patrimony to visit.

Not only experienced divers can dive in Fernando de Noronha, but beginners can do so as well. This Brazilian location offers the services of professional instructors for all those who wish to learn

and be able to enjoy the underwater world. Also, there are many other sport related activities available in this area which would suit all different preferences. From snorkeling and swimming to hiking, there is a very wide range of activities which divers and non divers can do as well as enjoy a great sunbathing at the local beaches.

Fernando de Noronha's weather is very nice all the year, ranging around the 26ºC. Its climate is tropical and has two main seasons which can be defined as the rainy season and the dry one. The rainy season goes from January to August while the dry one goes from August to December.

If you wish to plan your visit for diving in this area with time and according to the weather conditions, it is advisable that you plan them for the months that go from August to December. Even though those are the months which are usually recommended for divers, you should consult since there might be other good months as well.

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