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Discover new levels of fitness using a treadmill

I like to rave about using the treadmill for keeping fit.

I understand the treadmill is one of the best machines for aerobic exercises. What makes it great is that you don't even need to learn any sports to keep yourself fit and healthy. Everyone knows how to run naturally and the treadmill is there to help you in this activity.


Imagine running down the streets. You have to watch every step you take. As you cross the road you need to keep your eyes open for approaching traffic. You need to stop running if a car is crossing your path. You just can't concentrate on your run.

We all lead busy lives and have tight schedules to keep. Sometimes, the only time available for a run may be at night. There is an element of fear especially amongst women who may be subject to an attack from muggers or robbers. Exercising at night on the treadmill will ensure your safety.

Environmental constraints

You won't be subject to extreme cold especially during winter periods. Exposure to long periods of direct sunlight may not be healthy. Extreme high temperature may also cause you to suffer heat stroke. Sometimes strong winds may hamper your run. You may have scheduled a day and time to exercise and to your dismay, it suddenly rains and disrupts your plan. Lastly, you will be exposed to car exhaust fumes running on the pavement.


You may want to run a certain distance or climb a hill at a particular gradient. In reality,

distance covered may be subject to contraints in the physical environment. It may not be precisely the exact distance you want to cover. There may not be any hills in your area at all and even if there is it may be too steep or too gradual for your liking. A treadmill allows you to set the exact distance and inclination that you want. As you progress, you can set higher standards with longer distances and steeper inclination.

How to enjoy your treadmill session.

Wear a good pair of running shoes and tie the shoe laces tightly. Otherwise, your lace will come undone and disrupt your running. If you find it hard to cope with the running , slow down the machine otherwise you 'll find yourself falling off the treadmill.

Some people might find it monotonous running on the treadmill.

Here are a couple of suggestion to liven up your routine.

1. Don't just place the treadmill in a corner! Our eyes need a bit of stimulation to arouse our interest in running. Try to site it near a window with beautiful scenery. It makes a vast difference instead of staring stupidly at a blank wall.

2. If possible, turn on the air conditioner to keep yourself cool and refreshed at all times.

3. Install a tv set hanging from the ceiling so that you are facing your tv set directly. It sure takes your mind off the run.
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