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Dealing with lack of motivation? Ingredients for success!

Below are the ingredients I've found to be successful at bodybuilding. Although I'm still far from my personal goals, I've came a long way and learned a lot not only about bodybuilding but also about myself. Hopefully, whether you're a begginer or a seasoned veteran to the iron game being aware of these ingredients will motivate you and help you achieve your goals as well. In writing this I have learned that I need to apply them with much more intensity myself. They're very good to refer back to anytime you need a boost of motivation or to reevaluate your mission. The first 5 ingredients are ingredients for success in general; the last five are concentrated on what we all love the most. Bodybuilding and physique enhancement!

Ingredient #1 - Heart A one's innermost character, feelings, or inclinations.The essential or most vital part of something. Hum! What does heart have to do with it? It has EVERYTHING to do with it. You have to be driven by it. The lifestyle has to be on your heart when you wake up when you go to sleep. Every waking hour, and at every meal. I see guys all the time saying that they want to workout and say they going to come train with me. And will show up once maybe twice and then make excuses. They lack the heart to do it but they also lack discipline. If you lack heart, you lack the power it takes to have the following 4 ingredients. Your heart empowers you to even have a vision for yourself. Having heart for the matter is what fuels your desires and enables your sacrifices that are required to achieve your goal. I can't tell you how to have heart, that's up to you. But I can remind you to look deep inside yourself and realize this; Is your heart calling you to exceed beyond your maximum potential? If so let's move on to the next ingredient.

Ingredient #2 - Vision A manifestation to the senses of something not yet conceived. You have to have a vision for yourself. A solid vision will empower you to have the faith that you will achieve what you have set out to accomplish. A lack of vision results in a lack of faith which results in sitting on your rump. Like the type fellows I've talked about above. They may even have some heart (though only temporary enough to sign the gym contract) and some level of vision for themselves; (Usually an unrealistic vision but it has to start somewhere). But these type guys simply lack discipline. Which takes us to number 3.

Ingredient #3 - Discipline A control gained by enforcing obedience or order b: orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. Discipline is a hard one for most people, due to their laziness and ability to make excuses. It does not come naturally. It's something that needs to be instilled in you. Most of your discipline materializes at a young age, although it can be strengthened. It sets apart the mundane from the elite. You have to set yourself up to win, And to do so have a routine to follow. You have to realize what it takes to bring it to reality and to make it your priority. And just simply do it!!

Ingredient #4 - Determination The power or habit of deciding definitely and firmly. We all can be determined to want something. We did it as kids when we go to the department store and we see that He-man action figure and we have just got to have it. We beg and beg until we get it. Or save our allowance for weeks until we have the 9.95 it takes to buy it. Or as young adolescent men, we see that hot chick and we have GOT to have it!! And we hardly stop until we get it. That is how we have to be with bodybuilding, you just can't let just anything get in your way. You make no excuses and you accept no obstacles. You have to be focused on the goal and determined 24/7. That's the attitude you got to have.

Ingredient #5 - Knowledge The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association b: acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique c: the fact or condition of being aware of something d: the range of one's information or understanding. Read all those definitions carefully. Knowledge doesn't come from thin air, nor is it obtained by osmosis. You can't lay your hand on a book and absorb it. You have to open it make yourself available to it and put the effort of thought and understanding to work. Knowledge really comes when you realize you do not know everything. And you say to yourself. Hey! I need to learn more about this. Doing so enables you to soak up information that you put yourself in front of. I would think most here are hungry for knowledge. So this is an area we do not need to spend much time on. But is a very important ingredient for success. If you think you know it all. That proves how unwise you actually are. Hanging around this site is a great resource for knowledge, so hang around and take notes.

The above ingredients apply to life in general, and are the ones you don't think consciously about. In most cases they have to be embedded in your character from childhood. They are more subconscious actions than conscious ones. To be successful in anything you have to have them all. Missing one would be like missing the yeast when making bread, or the eggs when baking a cake. Hopefully, you have the first five ingredients already in place, since these are essentially the true foundation to a successful bodybuilder. (Great genetics don't hurt either though.). Lets talk about the ingredients required to be successful and achieve your vision. So let's get to the ones that we need work on. And I do have them in order of importance. Or at least in order of where I know I have had trouble placing emphasis on in the past. It may be different for you. But either way take this time to re-evaluate and apply.

Ingredient #6 - Diet The kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason. You may as well not workout if you do not already have in place the proper diet and the means to make it happen. I used to tell myself that all the time. Early on I had the tendency to train; I had discipline in that area. But outside the gym I lived a normal guys' life, and I ate like the average Joe. Therefore I had normal results to show for it. I knew I had to get disciplined with my diet. You firstly have to understand that diet comes first, because I don't know about you guys but I see more guys busting there rumps in the gym only to watch them go hours and hours before even eating their next meal. You have to view food as a tool, a tool for building muscle. Training and diet are both equal but I believe most people, particularly newbies tend to focus on training and forget about diet. So this is to help re-evaluate your

priorities and motivate you to do what makes you grow and that is EAT! There is an hour or so to break your tissue down, but there are 23 hours to re-build it. Where do you want to place your emphasis?

Working out is the glamorous side of it. You get in the gym and try to look pretty, with your pumped bis and glistening brow. But diet is the part that becomes tedious and boring to say the least. And when I say you might as well not train if you don't have your diet right is not to discourage you from working out but to motivate you to re-evaluate your diet. Whether your trying to bulk up or trying to lean up, you have to know what you should eat and when. Pre-plan 90% if not more of your meals for the day. And pre-plan your cheat meals if you're cutting and don't wane from that not even 1 inch.

Ingredient #7 - Rest A bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities. SLEEP! So what about training and working out? You might ask! That's what this is all about isn't it? 6 ingredients so far and we haven't even talked about working out!!! Hold your horses. We are getting there. I say these first because these are the areas most people put way to low on the scale of priorities. Going to the gym for an hour is much easier than forcing 6000 calories down throughout the day (or restricting the calories) and still have enough time to get a good solid 8 hours of sleep. For most people when they start working out, they'll workout for 2 hours 6 days a week and eat three meals of 1000 calories each. Then they'll go out and party and get 3 hours sleep a night, and think they are doing good. BROTHER!! THAT IS NOT CUTTING IT!! Well back to the point of this ingredient. Get your sleep. And if possible nap for 30 minutes during the day. I don't usually nap so I won't press the issue. But definitely get 8 hours.

Ingredient #8 - Training A practice or exercise to test or improve one's fitness for athletic competition, ability, or performance. You go boy! Now were talking!! There are lots and lots of principles on training. But you just need the basics. Your workouts should be short and sweet. 1 hour MAX!! And the key is INTENSITY. Intensity is a relevant term. You may think your training intensely on your first workout, which you very well may have, but intensity grows as your training level does. Keep the intensity level high. Compound movements, heavy weights, and moderate reps. Every now and then you can do you cable crossovers if you want to look at yourself in the mirror. But please don't use this as your foundation. Use your gym time wisely by obliterating your muscle tissue with heavy multi joint compound movements. And for the fatties, you have your cardio!! Boring cardio!! Hum. Fortunately I do not know much about this. Since I have trouble getting my body fat OVER 12% I have never been a fan of cardio. What are the benefits for someone like me. More blood flow? Oxygen utilization? Fat burning? Yeah yeah!! But I have always seen it as Mass burning so I don't place emphasis on it. Use your individual goals as your measuring stick and build your training regimen accordingly.

Ingredient #9 - Supplements Something that completes or makes an addition. For the most part stay out of GNC. Except maybe on Tuesdays when they have they gold card sales. And they give you the opportunity to pay twice as much as the supplements are worth; instead of three times. Go online there are a handful of companies that have very good products at much better prices than GNC. As a general rule you want meal replacement powders (MRP's) year round, (whey, egg, milk proteins), creatine while bulking & glutamine & BCAA's while diet restricted, and essential fats such as flax oils . That's the basics of what you need. There is more but that is what I have found to work for me. And believe me I have tried them all. To sublingual Smilax, to cybergenics, I don't even want to think about Mr. Weider's Rolls Royce that I bought for him back in the 80's and early 90's. Firstly make sure your spending your money on real food. And then supplements second.

Ingredient #10 - Gear (Anabolic Steroids) A mechanism that performs a specific function in a complete machine. The general public thinks this should be rule #1 to getting huge as do most begginers. And most people's mindset is one to say that using them is cheating, but this is just not individually true. If one was to have all the above 9 ingredients in place and one busts tail in all of them, then why is it just because one chooses to use some hormones is that automatically cheating? Maybe if they belong to an association or league that restricts them (MLB, NFL), then yes it is. But what if you are a well educated everyday adult? Who are you cheating against? What about women, even teen girls on female hormones for birth control? Is that not cheating nature as well? What about cosmetic surgery? Why is that less cheating when someone is too lazy to get on a treadmill but instead have it sucked out? Think about it thoroughly and don't fall prey to the negative histeria surrounding the topic. Read this carefully!! There is such a thing as safe and reasonable non-medical (cosmetic) steroid usage, (Note that I said usage and not abuse). The fact is there as safe as birth control pills, and safer than most cosmetic surgeries. Unfortunately since they build muscle they are viewed more negatively. Research, learn and get physical checkups often if you choose to enhance your physique with hormones.

In summary, I would hope that this will just put into perspective where we need to put emphasis on. It will be different for everyone. I have put these in order in of what I think is most important. And to some people you may need to switch an ingredient or two around. Some guys' might need more help in the training part than the rest part. Not me. I have a bad habit of not sleeping enough. In the old days it was my diet. As I think it is for most newbies. But lately it has been rest for me. So take this for what its worth. I hope it can help the newbies set priorities, for the veterans to re-evaluate, and maybe some of us other guys that just need a little motivation or re-focus. In any case though let's get on to our true love. And remember there's no such thing as obstacles, only excuses.

And more important than ANYTHING. Never let the sport get in the way of giving all you can to your family and friends.
About the Author
The author is a former nutritional consultant that now has served since April 2004 as chief executive officer of a nationally recognized nutritional supplement company. His hobbies include bodybuilding and spending time with family.

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