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Citizen dive watch - large selection, fantastic prices!

The Citizen dive watch is is the most sought after dive watch on the Net. In October 03, this watch was searched for 1432 times in Overture, Casio 149 times and Sieko 0. That should tell you something right there.

The feature that brings a premium to this dive watch is the Eco-Drive feature. There are no batteries to change which could compromise the integrity of the watch for water resistance if a non-qualified person should change the battery.

The Citizen dive watch Eco-Drive has a small solar cell (I can't see it and don't now exactly where it is) on the face. The cell charges a secondary battery, which holds energy for up to 60 days (more in some models) if it were to be kept in complete darkness.

These light powered quartz watches maintain a power reserve, so they run continuously. So the good thing is that if you wear a dive watch, you won't need to worry about


Look for a 5 year warranty and make sure that the one you choose has the Water Resistance you need. Citizen offers various depths - from 100 to 200 meters.

The prices of these watches are cut is so drastically on the Internet that the companies are not allowed to post the actual price on the website. So go to a jewlery shop to pick out your Citizen dive watch but buy the model of your choice on the Internet!

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