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Backcountry Snowboarding Gear necessities

The out-of-bounds, Backcountry experience presents the most amazing challenges and adventures you'll ever have in this sport. But Before You Go remember safety is #1. You'll need the whole kit of safety equipment and be aware on how they are to be used.

These Following items are essential for that out of the ordinary experience you are sure to have in the backcountry.

1. Transceiver (Beacon) This is your most important item for your backcountry safety. It enables yourself or others that you are with to be found in case of a detrimental avalanche.

2. Shovel This will come in handy for designing snow board jumps as well as making a snow bench for times of relaxing and taking in the beauty of creation around you while you eat lunch. For Safety a shovel is best for digging to find those caught in an avalanche.

3. Probe This will help locate people trapped under the snow.

4. Slope Meter These help detect the snow pack stability and angle of the slope.

5. Map/Plan/Compass A map with planned route should be taken with you and a copy left with people who know were you are going and know when you plan to return. As routes are not always follow able in uncharted territory the compass is very valuable.

6. Poles Poles are helpful when you must climb or just to help you maintain balance.


Snow Shoes If you are taking a step into new territory, or creating a new trail. These keep you on top of The Snow.

8. Sunscreen As Sun Reflects strongly off the snow, wearing sunscreen is a must if you want to avoid the burn or raccoon eyes made by goggles!

9. Small Repair Kit On the occasion of a break in equipment it is good to be able to fix these while on the mountain.

10.Water/Food It is vital to stay Hydrated and have the proper nourishment to help stand up to the efforts you are putting in to the adventure.

11. Travel Buddy It is so important to venture out with another experienced buddy who as well knows how to safely get through the backcountry.

12. Proper Apparel Staying warm and dry is a must. Clothing companies that specialize in clothing for the backcountry are good to check out. Stay safe and Avoid frostbite and Hypothermia!

13.Skins These are helpful for traveling up hill when using skis or a split board.

14. Snowboard Last but not least.... You've got to have this to ride on the way down (faster than walking and more exciting!)

About the author:

Tamara Williams is a successful author and writer for Snowboards Gear site dedicated to helping snowboarders get the most out of their equipment and time

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